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"Que reste-t-il de lui dans la tempête brève?"
Art & Photography

Art & Photography

Sean Gallagher and Philippe Halaburda.

National Animal

National Animal

Derek Webster's latest book.

Fiction & Poetry

Fiction & Poetry

Kevin B, Taunja Thomson, John Dos Passos Coggin, Anastasia Walker, Derek Webster, and Erik Soto

Art ... Around the Web

Art ... Around the Web

The best Anti-Trump graffiti.



Vol. 2 / Issue 2: Wake Up


“It’s about how people are driven, how if they have no art, how if they have no tradition, how if they have no ritual, they are driven in one of two ways, either towards violence or towards insensibility - if they have no mediating rituals which manifest themselves in what I suppose we call art forms." 

- Sheila Watson

Vol. 2 / Issue 2

     We recently said goodbye to Alice Munro July 10, 1931 - May 13, 2024 and Paul Auster February 3, 1947 - April 30, 2024. Giants falling; the art world thinner. Previous to this, McCarthy. And with the days of summer approaching quickly, it will soon be time to build the reading list. I will revisit Dance of the Happy Shades, a book first read in elementary school, at an age where it was not possible yet to appreciate the prose of Munro - itself, like a summer day, slow and easy and building to a promise of more, in this case, a light that shines on prejudice, otherness, and ostracization.  And having read recently Charles Foran's latest book, Just Once, No More, I will add Auster's The Invention of Solitude, in  the continued examination of life after the death of a father.  And while we will always soak in the words of authors no longer with us, it is incumbent upon us to seek out new authors - the voices of today. As such, in this summer issue, we offer you work by: Kevin B, Derek Webster, Taunja Thomson, John Dos Passos Coggin, Anastasia Walker, and Erik Soto. Over on the art scene, we have work by: Sean Gallagher and Philippe Halaburda, as well as a look at - for your thought and consideration, the best anti-Trump graffiti.

We hope you enjoy your summer, and happy reading - oh, and fire up the spray paint cans; stockpile while you can, they could soon be needed, more so than ever, sadly.

Christian Fennell and Nathalie Guilbeault,

The Nelligan Review, June 04, 2024

Christian Fennell and Nathalie Guilbeault, The Nelligan Review
Rolling Stone
Paris Review
The Saturday Evening Post
Vanity Fair

more art = a greater tolerance

“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” 

- Auguste Rodin

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