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The Art of Sean Gallagher



Recently, Gallagher has been selected for the Under the Radar series, which celebrates the top 10 undiscovered artists in the lowcountry by Charleston Magazine.  

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you are the space you
                   breathe in

As a kid, I got hooked on Edward Gorey’s morbid outlook and macabre style and learned to appreciate the ghoulish side of the everyday and find simplicity in lines and color. Yet I couldn’t entirely rely on the same ghastly wit that defined Gorey’s work. 

I credit my parents for helping my creative side flourish as well as their huge collection of coffee table books, where I discovered the works of Diane Arbus and Saul Leiter.

I studied how these photographers composed a shot to reveal beauty in the mundane and the dignity of outsiders. He was especially inspired by the Arbus quote,


“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.”


From that, I found I loved the challenge of making in-between moments picturesque.   

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When Your Dreams Are of Some World that Never was or Some World that Never Will Be


Each the Others the World Entire


Nobodys on Nobodys


Nobody Wants to be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave

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Life is a Memory and Then it is Nothing

Gallagher's  art has been featured in or is slated to appear in several publications: 


Allegory Ridge

Tint Journal

The Closed Eye Open

The Nelligan Review

Anodyne Magazine

Passengers Journal

Vineyard Literary

Red Ogre Review

Liminal Spaces

Beaver Magazine

Fauxmoir Literary Magazine

Quarter Press

High Shelf Press

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