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La Femme Messagère


Il était une fois tu m'aimais parfumée à la lavande -

You once loved me scented with lavender

Elle semble être seule

She seems to be lonely


Il vaut mieux que vous restiez

It's better if you stay

Though interpretive narratives are left to the viewer's eye, some of these pieces depict partial, oblique, or frontal female nudity to illustrate Carl Jung’s concept of the Anima: the female part of the male psyche — sensual, often oblique female archetypes where allegories give shape to dreamscapes of the unconscious, even as the faint image of the female reflects an abstracted, fluid persona — the objective and the subjective. My intents touch upon transgender femininity. Overall, my artistic directions and aesthetics are informed by photo-artists Yoko Mizuki, Francesca Woodman, and especially Katrien De Blauwer.

Sitting Red


JC Alfier’s most recent book, The Shadow Field, was published by Louisiana Literature Press (2020). Journal credits include The Emerson Review, Faultline, New York Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, Penn Review, Southern Poetry Review, and Vassar Review.



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