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watercolor, acrylics, pen and ink 

"When my artwork became too predictable and I could see the painting before I applied paint to canvas, I knew I was repeating myself. " 


Dance of triangular

"I do not like repetition even if it looks different."  

"I have always liked geometry. Several movements and artists had already worked on euclidean concepts. I learned from the Russian avant-garde movement, Constructivism, Suprematism, painters like El Lissitsky, Alexander Rodchenko, Kazimir Malevich, Kandinsky and many others.  Of course, I didn't want to repeat or copy anyone.  I am a storyteller and what I do is distort reality to create new dimensions.  In grad school, I worked with the great Russian scholar Alexander S. Zenkovsky who asked me to write an article on “ostranenie” or “Verfremdung”. Translated the terms mean “distancing” or “alienation.”  By that, it meant taking a object and defining it for what it is.  A flag became a stick with a rag, a chandelier became a cow's udder and so on.  What I do is imagine a picture in real time and reassemble it in my mind in euclidean terms and colors that tell a story of their own.  Geometric art is more complicated for me because it is more challenging than copying Nature as it is."  

"I never know what follows next.  Everything becomes a surprise."



Serge began his life as a writer, publishing numerous poetry collections, graduating to novels and plays. His artwork can be described as somewhat surreal: Crossed realities  yielding amazing and sometimes shocking results. "I would describe my art as eclectic. The natural world is in constant flux and so animals and plants mutate to create a surreal tapestry.  Nothing is ever as it is 'supposed to be.' The images are a blend of the natural world and imaginary creatures. But then you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. "





Screen Shot 2023-12-31 at 6.44.44 AM.png


What do You Think Now


Serge Lecomte was born in Belgium. He came to the States where he spent his teens in South Philly and then Brooklyn. After graduating from Tilden H. S. he joined the Medical Corps in the Air Force. He earned an MA and Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in Russian Literature with a minor in French Literature. He worked as a Green Beret language instructor at Fort Bragg, NC from 1975-78. In 1988 he received a B.A. from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Spanish Literature. He worked as a language teacher at the University of Alaska (1978-1997). He worked as a house builder, pipe-fitter, orderly in a hospital, gardener, landscaper, driller for an assaying company, bartender. facebook website

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