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“I think of my work as being about queer community and chosen family. I’m not trying to represent any broader “queer community” – just my specific queer community of friends.”

I lovingly dismantle books after reading them, using the pages for collage fodder, turning canvas book covers into interesting shapes. After discovering a set of old typography stamps, a cohesive vision began to emerge: monoprinting alphabet letters onto old book pages and then synthesizing this with book cover shapes and other ephemera. The cherry on top was the addition of piano player scroll paper, responsible for the titles of my collages, the songs always appearing in reverse order, lending themselves to new interpretations of language, words and meaning in new and different ways.



Your Hiccups Are Gone

With hours at home to create and contemplate, I began experimenting to see what else I could generate using books and language. I collected upcycled papers from friends with interesting careers: aerospace engineers, architects, musicians, textile designers and others. I scoured garage sales and my own recycling bin for inspirational papers.

After years as a writer the pandemic transformed me into a visual artist. I began with acrylics and acrylic inks, as seen in the piece, "Lemons". Then I began experimenting with acrylics and collage, often inspired by one phrase, as in "Your Hiccups Are Gone".




Sleep To Go Must


Sleep To Go To

The pandemic made us see the world in new and different ways and I hope that my collages make people see

the relationship between words and language in new and different ways. 


The Owl And The Pussycat


She currently teaches Short Fiction and Writing the Young Adult Novel at UCLA Extension’s Writers’ Program. She holds a BA In English from the University of California at Santa Cruz, a MA in English Literature from California State University Los Angeles and a MFA in Creative Writing through the University of British Columbia. Learn more about Jennifer here. Her work can be viewed for purchase here.

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