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Misha Marker

"Taking to the streets is important to me. Someone will notice the poster, pay attention, something will switch in their head, at least for a few minutes. It's enough. And it just makes me happy. It’s not that I want to change the world, I have already stopped believing in it, but I would like to be at least a small part of what can influence people’s minds.”

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And Russia needs this – and they need a lot more of it. More secret gallery showings in abandoned apartment buildings, more street art, by artists having to remain anonymous and hidden because Putin’s Russia does allow up to 15 years in prison for “the dissemination of unreliable information about Russian Armed Forces and its operations.” Just don’t call it a war. And for those that are prepared to step forward and speak the truth, we need to do what we can to help lift their voices up, so they may be heard the loudest.

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"Snow" ("IDYOT")

“Friends offer to collect the work and put it in the gallery. But it would be secondary, I'm not interested. It's more interesting to touch the common man. I do not read the news and do not choose the hottest and most relevant. Basically, these are eternal themes: war, bribes.”

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"TAKE AND RUN" Sevkabel Port, St. Petersburg

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“The fact that people are fighting is somehow something taken for granted. Although the essence of war is murder.”

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"Black Square"

"The Banner of Victory"

*Interview with Misha, credit: Paper

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