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Where to be, what to do, who to see ...

Nelligan Love 

Vol. 1 / Issue 3

April 1, 2023

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Brunch vraiment impeccable,  atmosphère détendue. D'une douceur...

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Pouzza is the punk rocker's dream, a punk music festival where over 200 bands perform in 9 different venues every May. All the shows are in walking distance from each other. 

May 19-20-21, 2023.


Immersive art experiences are soothing to all the senses. The Van Gogh "Distortion" installation displayed in Montreal until May 21 is no exception.

Food for the spirit.

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All around the world you can catch them, and Montreal is no exception. FleetwoodMac and Pink Floyd are on our radar, that and movie theme soundtracks. Lots to chose from.


Les FrancosMontréal is a festival that features french-speaking artists from around the world. Either catch some of the many free outdoor shows or settle on the paying ones. Nothing will disappoint: the ambiance, the food - the world class artists.


Plus de 200 auteurs et invités, 140 événements en pas moins de 9 langues vous sont ici proposés. 

Metropolis Bleu, c'est plus qu'un festival : Sa Fondation offre, tout au long de l’année, une gamme de programmes éducatifs et sociaux en classe et en ligne.

Un must pour les auteurs/trices d'ici et d'ailleurs.

Nelligan Love 

Vol. 1 / Issue 2

December 29, 2022

Le Parloir

Get high on high tea and the magic of a velvety ambiance. Somehow, gossiping here feels right, expected--the English way ...


A crunchy, guilty pleasure we just can't get enough of (we certainly can't). Yeah. Big love here ...


Brasserie Henri

When it comes to ambiance, drinks, and writing, Brasserie Henri will satisfy all of your senses. Sample any of the bar's cocktails. They won't disappoint you. 

A convenience store transformed into an Italian canteen. Oh, and yes, those panzerroti ....

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A convenience store transformed into an Italian canteen. Oh, and yes, those panzerroti ....


Dawdling onto Montréal's Le Plateau streets can be quite romantic in feeling. And when, hand in hand, you and your SO discover this hole in a brick wall from which appears little pillows dunked into your favorite sauce, you can't help but think, life is fine,  Drogheria Fine ...

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This little coffee shop nestled in Montreal's Irish sector is where the staff of The Nelligan Review often works. Located near the old Forum, the Hab's arena, the place feels like home. The coffee is the best in town.

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